Djibouti in detail

Entry & Exit Formalities

Entering Djibouti is usually straightforward for visitors carrying a valid passport. Visas are available on arrival for most nationalities provided visitors have a letter of invitation from a local tour operator or a hotel.

Customs Regulations

There is no restriction on bringing in currency. Visitors may bring in the following amounts of duty-free items:

  • up to 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco
  • one bottle of alcohol
  • one flask of perfume


You’ll need a valid passport and a visa to enter Djibouti. Disembarkation at the airport is usually simple. You'll be asked for a letter of invitation from a travel agent or a hotel in the country. Crossing at land borders is relatively easy, too, but be sure to have your passport stamped with an entry/exit stamp if you enter/leave the country.


All visitors, including French nationals, must have a visa to enter Djibouti.

Visas for Onward Travel

Ethiopia A one-month, single-entry visa costs DFr7200 (DFr12,600 for US nationals). You need to supply two photos. It takes 24 hours to process. Visas are also easily obtained at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.

Somaliland A one-month, single-entry visa costs DFr5600. You need to supply one photo and it's issued within 24 hours.

Further Information

Tourist visas cost from US$50 to US$80 depending on where you apply, and are valid for one month. Visas can be obtained at the nearest Djibouti embassy (including Addis Ababa if you’re in the Horn). Some embassies are easier to deal with than others.

Travellers from most Western countries can also obtain a single-entry tourist visa on arrival at the airport, but you'll need a letter of invitation from a sponsor – a local tour operator or a hotel. Be sure to arrange it a few days prior to arrival. If you're travelling with a tour company they will take care of this for you. The visa costs €55 for three days and €80 for one month. Payment can also be made in US dollars.

You must have a valid visa to enter overland as none are available at borders. That said, travellers coming from Somaliland have reported having been allowed to purchase their visa at the Loyaada border for €80 or the equivalent in US dollars.