Djibouti in detail


Djibouti in three Days

First, shed a tear that you only have three days to explore this incredible country. Base yourself in Djibouti City and contact a tour operator to arrange a trip to Lac Abbé and Lac Assal. Make sure you spend a night at Lac Abbé to enjoy the fabulous sunset and sunrise.

Djibouti in 10 Days

A more realistic timeframe, which allows you to add a couple of days chilling out on scenic Plage des Sables Blancs. Then devote at least two days to the Goda Mountains. A hike to the Abourma rock art site could even be on the cards. Afterwards check out Tadjoura and Obock. Back in the capital, sample the country’s finest food and take a tour to Decan, a small wildlife refuge. Be sure to take a whale-shark-spotting tour or a diving, or snorkelling, trip to the Gulf of Tadjoura. Spend your last night in the bars and clubs.

Alternatively, if you’re a hiking fiend, you could save a week for a trek along an ancient salt route.