Most hotels are in the capital, with few options outside. Hotel categories are limited in range; most of them fit into the upper echelon and are expensive. At the lower end, the few budget hotels that exist tend to be pretty basic. There’s a limited choice in between.

Best Lists


Price Ranges

The following price ranges refer to a double room with bathroom.

$ less than DFr10,000

$$ DFr10,000 to DFr25,000

$$$ more than DFr25,000

Feature: Campements Touristiques

A rather popular sleeping option that is developing around the major attractions in the hinterland is the campements touristiques. These are traditional huts with shared showers and toilets. These quaint, low-key establishments are great places to meet locals and get an authentic cultural experience. They’re family-run, which ensures your money goes straight into local pockets. They’re also good budget options, although there’s no public transport to get to them.