Tourist Information in Djibouti City

Tourist Office

Mildly helpful. Sells maps of the city (DFr1000-1500). For details on tours, flights and hotels you’re better off at a travel agency. To the southeastern side of Pl du 27 Juin 1977.
Embassy in Djibouti City

Ethiopian Embassy

Visas are valid for three months and cost around DFr7200 (DFr12,600 for US nationals). You need to supply one photo. They are issued within 24 hours.
Bank in Djibouti City

CAC International Bank

Changes cash and has two ATMs (Visa and MasterCard).
Bank in Djibouti City

East Africa Bank

Changes cash and has an ATM (Visa and MasterCard).
Hospital in Djibouti City

CHA Bouffard

The best equipped hospital, south of the city.
Hospital in Djibouti City

Pôle Médical

A well-equipped clinic. Dental services, too.
Bank in Djibouti City

Bank of Africa

Changes cash and has two ATMs (Visa only).
Bank in Djibouti City


Changes cash and has ATMs (Visa only).
Telephone in Djibouti City

Djibouti Telecom

Sells prepaid SIM cards (DFr1000).
Bank in Djibouti City

Dilip Corporation

Authorised bureau de change.