Djibouti City attractions

Area in Djibouti City

African Quarter

The vast Place Mahmoud Harbi (aka Pl Rimbaud), which is dominated by the minaret of the great Hamoudi Mosque, Djibouti City’s most iconic building, is considered the real soul of the city. Eastward, the chaotic Quar…
Harbour in Djibouti City


In the early evening, the walk along the causeway northwest of the centre makes a very pleasant stroll. The Moorish-inspired presidential palace (not open to the public) marks one end, the harbour of L’Escale, the o…
Area in Djibouti City

European Quarter

The focal point of the European Quarter is Place du 27 Juin 1977 (Place Ménélik). With its whitewashed houses and Moorish arcades, this vast square is a strange mix of the Arab and the European. It’s lined with café…
Area in Djibouti City

Plateau du Serpent & Îlot du Héron

These adjoining neighbourhoods north of the centre are residential areas where you’ll find many of the foreign embassies and residences, as well as lavish villas and Djibouti’s swankiest hotels.
Market in Djibouti City

Les Caisses Market

Spreading along Blvd de Bender are the stalls of this popular market. Crammed with every type of souvenir from woodcarvings to clothing, it’s a colourful place for soaking up the atmosphere.
Mosque in Djibouti City

Hamoudi Mosque

The vast and chaotic Place Mahmoud Harbi (Place Rimbaud) is dominated by the minaret of this imposing mosque, Djibouti City’s most iconic building.
Church in Djibouti City


The cathedral has been recently restored and is one of the most eye-catching buildings along Blvd de la République.
Church in Djibouti City

Église Éthiopienne Orthodoxe Tewahido St Gabriel du Soleil

In a street running parallel to Blvd de la République, this Orthodox church, which is popular with the Ethiopian community, is well worth a peek.