Djibouti Franc (DFr)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €80

  • Budget hotel room: €40–60
  • Sandwich: €5
  • Bus ticket: €5

Midrange: €80–300

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: €60–100
  • Lunch in a midrange restaurant: €20
  • Whale-shark-spotting excursion: €60

Top end: More than €300

  • Luxury hotel room: €150-300
  • Dinner in top-end restaurant: from €40
  • Car hire per day: from €100


Bargaining is normal (and expected) in all the markets, particularly in the capital, where the Arab influence from across the Red Sea is most felt. You should also haggle with the taxi drivers in the capital whose rates seem to fluctuate according to your nationality, naivety and negotiation skills.


There are banks and bureaux de change in the centre, as well as a several Visa-friendly ATMs (but only three ATMs accept MasterCard). Both the Djibouti Palace Kempinski and Sheraton Djibouti Hotel have an ATM.

Changing Money

Amal Express Bureau de change.

Bank of Africa Changes cash and has two ATMs.

BCIMR Changes cash and has ATMs. The branch at Plateau du Serpent has an ATM (Visa only).

CAC International Bank Changes cash and has two ATMs (Visa and MasterCard).

Dilip Corporation Bureau de change.

East Africa Bank Changes cash and has an ATM (Visa and MasterCard).

Mehta Bureau de change.