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Multicuisine in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Cool Talk Cafe

A neat, clean little place up a quiet lane above Dharamkot's main street, with cushion or chair seating and well-done dishes ranging from Indian staples to momos, hummus, baba ganoush or toasted sandwiches, and teas…
Multicuisine in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Friendly Planet

The favourite evening gathering place for the Dharamkot crowd, with a large terrace where you can eat burgers, wraps, Italian, Israeli or Indian, or just have a drink and play cards. Or you can go inside to the two …
Multicuisine in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Space Out

Polish-run Space Out is a space to relax on floor cushions beneath mural-daubed walls and enjoy good couscous, Thai curries, pasta, vegie burgers or whatever else is chalked up on the board.
Hindu Temple in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Vashnu Mata Temple

In the awesomely kitsch Vashnu Mata Temple, 200m up from the main road in Bhagsu, you access the inner grotto through a concrete lion's mouth and emerge via the jaws of a crocodile.
Hindu Temple in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Shiva Temple

Bhagsu's small, 16th-century Shiva temple attracts many Indian visitors. In front of it is a cold, clean, spring-fed, open-air public swimming pool.
Cafe in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Himalayan Tea Shop

Handy spot beside Dharamkot's autorickshaw stand for a tea or snack (sandwiches, pancakes, parathas, omelettes...).
Waterfall in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Bhagsu Waterfall

From the Shiva temple it's a 1km walk along a valley path to Bhagsu waterfall, most impressive during the monsoon.