Top things to do in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Top Choice Vegan in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Bodhi Greens

For beautifully blended flavours, this all-vegan delight is hard to beat with its imaginative range of stews, delicious 'Buddha-bowls', soups and curries plus smoothies fashioned from non-dairy milks and sweetened w…
Pizza in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Morgan's Place

Down an easily missed stairway from the Himalayan Cafe, Morgan's rooftop terrace has some of the most glorious mountain views in Dharamkot, while proper clay ovens ensure pizza so good that you might need to pre-boo…
Viewpoint in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Gallu Devi

About as far as you can drive into Dharamsala's rugged mountain backdrop, the tiny temple of Gallu Devi is a good destination for a short but satisfying walk from Dharamkot or as the starting point for a longer walk…
Multicuisine in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Cool Talk Cafe

Eschewing wi-fi and alcohol, this neat little cafe declares itself a 'sanctuary for body, mind and soul'. Dishes include toasted sandwiches, Indian staples, salads, hummus, baba ganoush and notably Korean food inclu…
Hindu Temple in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Bhagsunag Shiva Temple

Bhagsu's small, 16th-century Shiva temple would be forgettable but for the cold, clean, spring-fed pool out front. This has been enlarged into an open-air public swimming pool, popular with splashing Indian tourists…
Cafe in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Space Out

Relax on floor cushions beneath basket-lamps watched over by a mesmerising 'life flow' mural. Sip inexpensive macchiatos, nettle teas or sophisticated smoothies (₹20 extra for spirulina), while the trance-dance soun…
Waterfall in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Bhagsu Waterfall

From Bhagsu's Shiva temple pools, a well-paved 1km path leads up the streamside to Bhagsu waterfall, most impressive during the monsoon.
Hindu Temple in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Vashnu Mata Temple

Small but awesomely kitsch: inside Vashnu Mata Temple you climb into the very claustrophobic inner grotto through a concrete lion's mouth and emerge eventually via the jaws of a crocodile.
Multicuisine in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Friendly Planet

A favourite evening gathering place for the Dharamkot crowd, with a large if somewhat ragged covered lounging terrace where you can eat lamb burgers, wraps or Israeli food, or just sip a drink and play cards.
Cafe in Bhagsu & Dharamkot

Himalayan Tea Shop

More useful as a landmark than as a place to dine, this handy spot faces Dharamkot's autorickshaw stand and is OK as a place for a cuppa or cheap snack.