Nordic Longboat Trips

Boating in Roskilde

Want to leap aboard a longboat? The Viking Ship Museum’s highly amusing 50-minute trips provide the chance to propel a reconstructed traditional Nordic boat across the water by a mixture of sailing, rowing and ducking overhead ropes. Getting a place is first-come, first-served from the Museumsø ticket office. Departures (one to 10 daily depending on expected demand) are weather-dependent.

See the website for the day's timings.

Apart from the four kids' places, participants need to be fit enough to row and competent enough in English to follow the instructor's directions. Tickets are only available to those also purchasing museum entrance, but it's fine to leave the site and return later to ride as long as you keep the wristband. Note that while the boat design is technically late-19th-century style rather than Viking, to a first-timer the differences are likely to seem minimal.