Vordingborg attractions

Museum in Vordingborg

Danmarks Borgcenter

Set within the grass ruins of Valdemar's castle, this high-tech museum examines the site's history, as well as that of medieval Danish power, politics and castle life. Using interactive iPads, visitors can explore t…
Church in Vordingborg

Vor Frue Kirke

Tucked behind the western pedestrianised side of Algade on central Vordingborg's prettiest square, the brick-built Vor Frue Kirke contains elegant frescoes in its mid-15th-century nave, and there's a 1642 baroque al…
Tower in Vordingborg


Round, red-brick and 36m tall, the Gåsetårnet ('Goose Tower') gained its name when, in 1365, King Valdemar IV placed a golden goose on top of it. The goose was meant to mock a declaration of war made by leaders of t…