Tranekær attractions

Gardens in Tranekær


A unicorn’s horn sprouts in a glade. A river of tree trunks floods down a hillside. A giant basket disgorges a flood of boulders. These and 15 more naturalistic, outdoor art installations are set in over 200 acres o…
Castle in Tranekær

Tranekær Slot

Site of fortifications since the 13th century, Tranekær Slot has been in the hands of one noble family since 1659. The spired castle is mostly used for exclusive business meetings and pheasant-hunting stays, and the…
Windmill in Tranekær

Tranekær Slotsmølle

One of the island's many impressive old windmills, the 1834 Slotsmølle contains a little museum and has a simple cafe with coffee and cake for just 25kr.