Southern Zealand drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Craft Beer in Køge

Hugos Kælder

In a brick-walled 14th-century cellar entered from one of Køge's secret central courtyards, Hugos is a beer-lover's paradise, with three of its own brews among 20 on tap, plus well over 200 further beers available b…
Top Choice Cafe in Køge


The coffee is excellent and the dreamily soft forest-fruit meringue cake floats on pillows of flavour. But the greatest attraction here is the time-twisted little building that contains the cafe along with its broca…
Cafe in Vordingborg

Cafe Borgen

In an attractively reworked historic barn right within the park that was once Valdemar's castle, this museum cafe is accessible to all, serving good coffee and Schiøtz beers (try the 5.9%, lightly citrus Gylden IPA)…
Distillery in Køge


Breathe the yeasty smells and catch glimpses of the apparatus as you visit the little shop of the Braunstein brothers' craft brewery and adventurous whisky distillery. Or, on the first Saturday of each month, come f…
Cafe in Køge

Café T

Just off the main square, this oversized doll's house with its mix-and-match furniture is a super-friendly, quietly feminine place for excellent coffee, loose-leaf teas and freshly made quality cakes and cheesecake.