Ferry in Søby

Ærøfærgerne Ferries

Ærøfærgerne A/S runs year-round car ferries from Søby to Faaborg at least twice daily (10.15am and 3.15pm, one hour) and to Fynshav thrice daily (6.20am, 12.55pm and 6.10pm, 70 minutes).
Bicycle Rental in Søby

Søby Cykeludlejning

Combined with an ultra-basic camping ground (per person 25kr) and the local mini-golf course, this family outfit rents bicycles from a barn opposite the churchyard on Søby's main road.
Bus Stop in Søby

Bus Stop

The free bus to Marstal via Ærøskøbing departs from a stop set back behind the ferry dock.