Snogebæk restaurants

Sweets in Snogebæk

Kjærstrup Chokolade

Snogebæk's celebrated chocolate maker keeps sweet tooths purring (and dentists wealthy) with its heavenly cocoa concoctions. Taste-test the sublimely flavoured ganaches and the Danish speciality flødeboller (the Dan…
Ice Cream in Snogebæk

Boisen Iscafé

One of Bornholm's foodie pit stops, Boisen Is is justifiably renowned for its organic, seasonally inspired ice cream. Try the flavours made with locally grown havtorn (sea buckthorn) or ribs (redcurrant). Danes' fav…
Seafood in Snogebæk

Snogebæk Røgeri

Snogebæk's popular smokehouse peddles smoked fish, deli items and cold beer. Closing time varies (9pm or 10pm from mid-June to mid-September, 5pm in the cooler months).