Top ChoiceChurch in Rønne

Nylars Rundkirke

Built around 1150, Nylars Rundkirke is the most well-preserved and easily accessible round church in the Rønne area. Its central pillar is adorned with wonderful 13th-century frescoes, the oldest in Bornholm. The...

Top ChoiceFood Hall in Rønne

Torvehal Bornholm

While food elsewhere on the island went gangbusters, Rønne's food scene lagged – but the summer 2017 opening of this food hall in the town's north changed that. In a former slaughterhouse, peruse the output of...

Top ChoiceSeafood in Rønne

Hasle Røgeri

The closest traditional smokehouse to Rønne is by the water in Hasle, about 11km north of town. This century-old place has the iconic square chimneys, lots of outdoor seating and a super spread of smoked-fish...

Museum in Rønne

Bornholms Forsvarsmuseum

A 17th-century citadel called Kastellet houses part of the Defence Museum, south of the town centre. There are extensive displays of guns, blades, bombs and military uniforms, but the historical context they are...

Museum in Rønne

Bornholms Museum

Prehistoric finds including weapons, tools and jewellery are on show at Bornholm's museum of cultural history, which has a surprisingly large and varied collection of local exhibits, including some interesting...

Museum in Rønne

Hjorths Fabrik

This ceramics museum features a working studio, and watching the master artisans turn clay into beautifully moulded works of art is the real highlight. You’ll find some fetching locally made wares for sale in the...

Gallery in Rønne

Mølgaard & Marcussen

Bornholm overflows with creative types and has a long tradition of ceramics. The two friendly owners of this studio gallery and store are great proponents of the art, and their pastel-hued creations are truly...

Deli in Rønne


This gut-rumbling little deli stocks both local and foreign slabs of gourmet cheeses, as well as locally made charcuterie, stuffed savoury pancakes, and fresh bread – the perfect ingredients for a picnic.

Museum in Rønne

Erichsens Gård

Pretty in pink, this merchant's house from 1806 is a photogenic half-timbered idyll on a cobbled lane. There are short opening hours, when you can view the rooms and lovely garden.

Bakery in Rønne

Jensens Bageri – Knirkeline

Nibble on freshly baked rye bread and flaky Danish pastries from this petite bakery, close to the bus stops on Snellemark and the main town square, Store Torv.

Church in Rønne

Sankt Nicolai Kirke

The town's elevated landmark has a distinctive witch's-hat tower. Its present form dates from 1918, though it sits on the site of a 13th-century chapel.