At the southwest corner of the island is Sønderstrand, a remarkable sight – full of cars, colour and land-based activities making great use of the air that blows in fresh from the North Sea. There’s a small area for parking your car where the sealed road reaches the sand, or you can continue driving on the beach itself.

As the sealed road reaches Sønderstrand, to your left is an area dedicated to strandsejlads, aka land-yachts or blokarts (a three-wheeled go-kart that utilises a sail to capture the wind). To the right, it’s all about kitebuggykørsel – buggies with attached parachute-like kites. Great speeds are reached, and it’s quite a spectacle. If you want a crack at either, there are companies that can help with lessons and/or gear rental (usually open from about late April to early October, if weather and conditions are agreeable).