One of the best free activities in Denmark is Ribe's 45-minute night-watchman tour, which departs nightly in the warmer months. Interesting factual titbits, singing and colourful stories of memorable Ribe citizens (in Danish and English) are part of the act. Throw in narrow streets, pretty-as-a-picture houses and a late sundown and it's a great way to end a history-soaked day.

Nowadays it's a stroll through the town's historic streets, designed to entertain and educate visitors to Ribe, but the night watchman's walk was originally born of necessity. As early as the 14th century these watchmen made their nightly rounds in Ribe, making sure the streets were safe for locals to walk. They were also charged with being on the lookout for fires or floods threatening the town. The job was abolished in Ribe in 1902, but reinstated in 1932 as a tourist attraction.

Bookings aren't required – just turn up.