Top Choice Deli in Skagen

Slagter Munch

The queues out the door attest to this butcher’s reputation for award-winning skinke (ham) and sausages. There’s also a selection of fine, picnic-worthy salads and deli produce for sale.
Deli in Nørreport


This Nordic deli stocks the top products from various small-scale Danish farms and food artisans. The cheese selection includes Thybo, a beautiful, sharp cow's milk cheese from northern Jutland. Another good buy is …
Deli in Aarhus

Arla Unika

Drop by this sophisticated deli (primarily selling cheese and high-end booze) to see how design permeates all aspects of Danish life. Taste-test local flavours (gammel knas and havgus are the best-selling cheeses), …
Deli in Ærøskøbing

Den Gamle Købmandsgaard

This picturesque outlet shop for local produce was originally set up by volunteers at a time when the old square seemed set to lose its last surviving shop. Now something of an attraction in itself, DGK sells fine l…
Deli in Faaborg


Vegetarians beware: this farm estate's unique shop-cafe is all about top-quality meat, with a large window through which you can often watch a carcass being butchered as you dine. The cuts come from thoroughly loved…
Deli in Fanø

Slagter Christiansen

The Nordby butcher, Slagter Christiansen, is known throughout Denmark for his Fanø skinke (Fanø ham), a ham in the style of Italian parma. The store is a delicatessen full of local gourmet produce.
Deli in Rønne


This gut-rumbling little deli stocks both local and foreign slabs of gourmet cheeses, as well as locally made charcuterie, stuffed savoury pancakes, and fresh bread – the perfect ingredients for a picnic.
Deli in Hirtshals

Slagter Winther

Join the Norwegians who come to raid this quality butchers and delicatessen of its discounted meats and booze.
Deli in Rudkøbing

Slagter Pigerne

Put a picnic together with some takeaway smørrebrød, bikse mad (bacon-potato hash, 8.95kr per 100g) or fish fillets (16kr) from this butcher’s shop on the main square.
Deli in Roskilde

Caseus Ost & Delikatesser

This place will have cheese lovers weeping with joy: the choices include all the Scandinavian classics like smoked rygeost, gamle ole (yep, the smelly one) and that queen of Swedish cheese, västerbotten.