Top Choice Museum in Odense

Den Fynske Landsby

Wind back the clock to the 1850s at this delightful open-air museum, a landscaped 'village' of over two dozen furnished old buildings transplanted from around Funen. The scene comes complete with farmyard animals, a…
Top Choice Museum in Odense


For train buffs, this fabulous video-rich museum is almost reason enough to come to Denmark. The core collection of over 30 engines and wagons, ranging from 1868 to 1981, includes an 1869 snow plough, a double-decke…
Top Choice Museum in Odense

HC Andersens Hus

Lying amid the seemingly miniaturised streets of the former poor quarter is the sparse little cottage where Hans Christian Andersen was born. Visiting it is a small part of a much bigger, modern museum experience th…
Church in Odense

Odense Domkirke

A feast of whitewashed Gothic arches and vaulting, Odense’s imposing cathedral took 200 years to build (1300–1499) with the tower added in the 1580s.
Museum in Odense


This sprawling arts centre occupies a beautifully converted 1887 textile mill. Most of the gallery space is used for well-curated, frequently changing modern art exhibitions, but at least two rooms display highlight…
Museum in Odense


The new, stylishly designed main section of this city-history museum takes visitors on a thematic walk through humorously named 'Funen – Centre of the Universe', looking at world events and cultural currents through…
Zoo in Odense

Odense Zoo

Denmark’s showpiece zoo, 2km south of the city centre, is an active supporter of conservation and education programs. There's an ‘oceanium’ with penguins and manatees, and a 'Kiwara' open space that aims to mimic th…
Museum in Odense


Tracing the role of the media in our lives from X Factor to the monastic scriptorium, most of this excellent museum is in Danish and has a Denmark-specific approach. Nonetheless the themes are universal, there's a f…
Museum in Odense

H.C. Andersen Museum

This striking exhibition takes its design cues from Hans Christian Andersen's playful papercuts, and features his personal effects plus a virtual reality nose around his Copenhagen study. It's heavy on biography and…
Sculpture in Odense


With a classical face, seal-flipper feet and a triumphalist six-pack tummy, this astonishing female figure reclines naked on Odense's central square. But rather than eliciting disapproval, her huge bronze form is mo…