Top Choice Museum in Odense


The former textile mill on Brandts Passage has been beautifully converted into a sprawling art centre, with thought-provoking, well-curated changing displays.Brandts Samling (the permanent collection) traces 250 yea…
Top Choice Museum in Odense

HC Andersens Hus

Lying amid the miniaturised streets of the former poor quarter, this museum delivers a thorough, lively telling of Andersen’s extraordinary life and times. His achievements are put into an interesting historical con…
Museum in Odense

Brandts 13

In a stately building from 1884, this offshoot branch of Brandts presents changing contemporary art exhibitions: the likes of multimedia, video etc are nicely juxtaposed against the neoclassical architecture.
Zoo in Odense

Odense Zoo

Denmark’s showpiece zoo borders both banks of the river, 2km south of the city centre. It's an active supporter of conservation and education programs, and its residents include tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras and c…
Museum in Odense


This revamped city showcase is a model of good museum design (something the Danes excel at). In 'Funen – Centre of the Universe', you walk through a chronological display of world events and see how Funen experience…
Museum in Odense

Den Fynske Landsby

Wind back the clock at this delightful open-air museum, which has relocated period houses from around Funen and created a small country village, complete with barnyard animals, a duck pond, apple trees and flower ga…
Church in Odense

Sankt Knuds Kirke

Odense’s imposing 14th-century Gothic cathedral reflects the city’s medieval wealth and stature. Its most intriguing attraction lies in the chilly crypt, down an inconspicuous staircase to the right of the altar. He…
Cultural Centre in Odense

Børnekulturhuset Fyrtøjet

Next to HC Andersens Hus is the charming Fyrtøjet (The Tinderbox culture house for children), where kids are encouraged to explore the world of Hans Christian Andersen through storytelling and music (the storytellin…
Museum in Odense


Clamber aboard a diverting collection of 19th-century locomotives at the Danish Railway Museum, just behind the train station. The museum has two dozen engines and wagons, including double-decker carriages and the R…
Museum in Odense

Carl Nielsen Museet

In Odense’s concert hall, displays detail the career of the city’s native son Carl Nielsen (1865–1931), Denmark’s best-known composer, and a skilled conductor and violinist. His music includes six symphonies, severa…