Top things to do in Nexø

Top Choice Danish in Nexø

Restaurant Molen

Right on the harbour's pier, this is Nexø's most interesting eating option, and home to a chef (Daniel Kruse) of fine local pedigree. It's an unassuming spot for clever, creative cooking that showcases local produce…
Nature Reserve in Nexø

Bornholms Sommerfuglepark

Just outside of Nexø is Sommerfuglepark, offering jungle climates and more than 1000 butterflies in its plant-filled butterfly house.
Museum in Nexø

Nexø Museum

In a handsome 1796 sandstone building opposite the waterfront, the modest yet endearing Nexø Museum features intriguing exhibits on Nexø’s history, including photos of Nexø before the bombs of WWII and wartime artef…
Museum in Nexø

Martin Andersen Nexø Huset

Snoop around the childhood home of the author of Pelle the Conqueror (the book that inspired the 1988 Oscar-winning film). The house is in the southern part of town and displays photos of the author, along with some…
Supermarket in Nexø


If you want to pack a lunch for the beach, this central supermarket has a bakery and deli section.