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Car & Motorcycle

Næstved is 25km south of Ringsted and 28km north of Vordingborg. If driving from the north, Næstved's series of ring roads can feel mildly confusing. There's free two-hour parking directly east of Hotel Kirstine just two minutes' walk from Sct Mortens Kirke. Or use the three-hour car park north of the library/Kvickly supermarket.


Trains run once or twice hourly to:

  • Copenhagen (100kr, one hour)
  • Køge (68kr, 33 minutes)
  • Ringsted (36kr, 18 minutes)
  • Roskilde (76kr, fast/slow 30 minutes/one hour)
  • Vordingborg (60kr, 14 to 18 minutes)