Top things to do in Møns Klint

Gardens in Møns Klint


The enchanting gardens of Liselund were laid out in 1792 by Antoine de la Calmette as the ultimate romantic gift for his wife – the name means 'Lise’s Grove'. Paths wind their way between rolling lawns, under chestn…
Museum in Møns Klint

GeoCenter Møns Klint

The chalk cliffs at Møns Klint were created around 5000 years ago when calcareous deposits from aeons worth of seashells were lifted from the ocean floor. On the clifftop at Store Klint, the high-tech GeoCenter help…
Cafe in Møns Klint

Liselund Ny Slot Cafe & Restaurant

Spread over several rooms with some classical features and slightly discordant art, this restaurant occupies the most evocative section of Liselund Ny Slot's 19th-century castle hotel. The outside cafe seating faces…
Seafood in Møns Klint

Klintholm Restaurant

In what was originally the cooling house for Klintholm Havn's fish catch, this well-regarded harbourside restaurant serves a buffet of grilled, smoked and marinated ocean treats with accompanying salad. Kids under 1…
Wildlife Reserve in Møns Klint


In the shrubby fields of Høvblege, on the edge of the Klinteskoven forest, Denmark's last known population of Sortplettet Blåfugl (Large Blue) butterflies flutter among Møn's rare orchids.
Beach in Møns Klint

Klintholm Beaches

Directly beside the harbour in Klintholm Havn are long sandy beaches. The eastern section is particularly pristine, with light-grey sand backed by low dunes and the best surf, but swimming is safer on the western si…
Italian in Møns Klint


On a sunny summer's evening, sit on the parasol-shaded, road-facing terrace of this modest but authentic place for pizza, pasta, spelt-and-beetroot risotto and other Italian specialities. If you’re lucky, Tuscan own…
Supermarket in Møns Klint

Min Købmand

Klintholm Havn's supermarket also sells fishing tackle and rents bicycles (per day 70kr).