Lolland drinking and nightlife

Brewery in Lolland

Krenkerup Bryggeri

Krenkerup is a lordly estate southeast of Sakskøbing with a private, picture-perfect 1631 moated castle and celebrated local brewery. Its German-style beers include the excellent 1367 Premium and prize-winning, hone…
Cafe in Maribo

Café Victoria

With barista coffee from 25kr and four beers on tap including Belgian Grimbergen Double, this spacious, convivial modern brasserie is a delight that you'd never expect from its surroundings deep within a miserable s…
Pub in Maribo


For a full-on local experience grab a cheap beer and frame up a game of keglebillard (five-pin billiards) in this little pub behind the central square's bicycle shop.