Løkken attractions

Top Choice Lighthouse in Løkken

Rubjerg Knude

About 14km north of Løkken (en route to the town of Lønstrup) is Rubjerg Knude, an area of sand dunes that show just how Mother Nature calls the shots on this wind-whipped coast. Rubjerg Knude Fyr (the lighthouse) s…
Amusement Park in Løkken

Fårup Sommerland

One of the most-visited Danish attractions, this wholesome (and pricey) amusement park caters to holidaying families in search of distractions – of which there are plenty, from roller coasters to kiddie-safe rides a…
Village in Løkken


Some 15km north of Løkken (past Rubjerg Knude), this beachside resort has an upmarket feel and streets lined with artist studios, galleries and ceramicists. It's worth a visit for a stroll and to check out the cafes…