Langeland restaurants

Top Choice Danish in Tranekær

Restaurant Generalen

At the western base of Tranekær Slot, Generalen has converted classic 1800 stables into a stylish restaurant, maintaining the horse-box divisions between tables, though there is also cafe seating outside. Menus are …
Top Choice Cafe in Langeland

Skovsgaard MadMarked

At Skovsgaard's entrance, this deli-cafe brims with fresh, organic local produce, some of it grown on the estate. Lunch plates include your choice of main dish with three salads and bread. Drinks include several loc…
Cafe in Rudkøbing

Skovsgaard MadMarked Cafe

Rudkøbing's most enchanting cafe is great for coffee and cake, but is best known for its organic lunch plates, which include a main item along with three salads of your choice plus bread.
African in Tranekær

Tranekær Slotskro

This 1802 village inn, 200m south of the castle, is run by a Tanzanian family who offer Indo-African cuisine (lunch sets include samosas, fried banana, couscous) alongside more typical Danish fare in a dining room w…
Deli in Rudkøbing

Slagter Pigerne

Put a picnic together with some takeaway smørrebrød, bikse mad (bacon-potato hash, 8.95kr per 100g) or fish fillets (16kr) from this butcher’s shop on the main square.
Supermarket in Rudkøbing

Super Brugsen

Large supermarket with a cheapo cafe and a bakery section that opens at 6.30am.