Top Choice National Park in Klitmøller

Thy National Park

One of Denmark's handful of newly protected spaces, Thy National Park stretches 55km south along the North Sea coast from Hanstholm to Agger Tange, covering an area of 244 sq km of coastline, dunes, lakes, pine fore…
Visitor Centre in Klitmøller

Stenbjerg Landingsplads

A small visitor centre for Thy National Park lives at Stenbjerg Landingsplads, an atmospheric cluster of whitewashed fishermen's huts off Rte 181, halfway between Agger and Klitmøller.
Village in Klitmøller

Nørre Vorupør

Worth a stop is the small beach resort of Nørre Vorupør, where fishing vessels are winched up onto the sand. There's a havbad (sea bath) here, with a concrete pool built in the North Sea shallows to enable safe swim…