Top Choice Castle in Helsingør

Kronborg Slot

The Unesco World Heritage-listed Kronborg Slot began life as Krogen, a formidable tollhouse built by Danish king Erik of Pomerania in the 1420s. Expanded by Frederik II in 1585, the castle was ravaged by fire in 162…
Top Choice Museum in Helsingør

M/S Museet for Søfart

Ingeniously built in and around a dry dock beside Kronborg Slot, Denmark's subterranean Maritime Museum merits a visit as much for its design as for its enlightened, multimedia galleries. The latter explore Denmark'…
Museum in Helsingør

Danmarks Tekniske Museum

Southwest of the centre on an industrial estate, Danmarks Tekniske Museum displays innovative technological inventions from the late 19th and early 20th centuries: early gramophones, radios, motor vehicles and aerop…
Cathedral in Helsingør

Sankt Olai Domkirke

Surrounded by lime trees, handsome, red-brick Sankt Olai Domkirke is a Gothic cathedral built in 1559. Eclectic features include an over-the-top white-and-gold altarpiece (one of Denmark’s largest at 12m high), an o…
Historic Building in Helsingør


If you don’t have a pressing itinerary, consider cycling to Hammermøllen, about 5km west in Hellebæk. This picturesque old smithy was founded by Christian IV in 1765 to hammer out cannons for his battleships, and ha…
Museum in Helsingør

Helsingør Bymuseum

One block north of the cathedral is Helsingør Bymuseum, built by the monks of the adjacent monastery in 1516 to serve as a sailors’ hospital. There’s a detailed model of 19th-century Helsingør, with an interesting 1…
Church in Helsingør

Sankt Mariæ Kirke & Karmeliterklostret

Slip into this medieval church for some rather eclectic 15th-century frescoes, in which frogs, foxes, bulls and rams spring from bizarre-looking faces, and where pipers and lute players burst from giant flowers. Oth…
Notable Building in Helsingør