Top Choice Homewares in Odense


In a late-16th-century merchant's house with neither heating nor running water, this superb place sells everything from brooms to locks to bottles to Danish flags. It is more museum than shop, yet survives entirely …
Top Choice Homewares in Rudkøbing


More museum than shop, this enchanting place makes a living from creating enamel signs in the old-fashioned way, but the shop is a superb hodgepodge of old-time bric-a-brac and antiques that could swallow you whole.
Drinks in Svendborg

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn

Around 8km east of Svendborg, this award-winning one-woman distillery creates superb fruit-based liquors from rare, old-breed apples and other select fruit. Top-flight restaurants like Noma, Generalen and Broholm Ca…
Art in Odense


This small gallery on the quaintest stretch of Nedergade exhibits Malgorzata Ravn's paintings and, most relevantly, her papirklip works (silhouette paper cuts; 350kr to 400kr including frame) in the style of Hans Ch…
Homewares in Kerteminde


Høkeren feels more like a museum than a shop, with a nostalgic range of old-world wares from baskets to rope to woven shoes to liquorice sticks.
Design in Odense

Dina Vejling Crafts

Stylish showroom of contemporary Danish craftwork, including ceramics, glassware and enamelware.
Glassware in Svendborg

Bente Sonne Glasblæseriet

Hand-blown glassware that you can see being made (early mornings best).
Gifts & Souvenirs in Svendborg


Cohabiting with the tourist office in the 19th-century maritime centre building, this appealing store sells a range of souvenirs, including local produce from across the South Funen area.