Top Choice Museum in Odense


The former textile mill on Brandts Passage has been beautifully converted into a sprawling art centre, with thought-provoking, well-curated changing displays.Brandts Samling (the permanent collection) traces 250 yea…
Top Choice Museum in Odense

HC Andersens Hus

Lying amid the miniaturised streets of the former poor quarter, this museum delivers a thorough, lively telling of Andersen’s extraordinary life and times. His achievements are put into an interesting historical con…
Top Choice Castle in Egeskov Slot

Egeskov Slot

Egeskov Castle, complete with moat and drawbridge, is a magnificent example of the lavish constructions that sprang up during Denmark’s ‘Golden Age’. It was built in 1554 on a foundation of thousands of upright oak …
Top Choice Museum in Kerteminde

Johannes Larsen Museet

The vivid naturalistic paintings of wildlife and provincial Danish scenes that flowed from the brush of Johannes Larsen are on show in his former home north of town. Larsen (1867–1961) painted near obsessively from …
Top Choice Waterfront in Svendborg


Don't miss Sejlskibsbroen, a jetty lined with splendidly preserved wooden sailing ships, and with an adjoining marina catering for the great number of yachts that sail local waters.
Museum in Odense

Brandts 13

In a stately building from 1884, this offshoot branch of Brandts presents changing contemporary art exhibitions: the likes of multimedia, video etc are nicely juxtaposed against the neoclassical architecture.
Castle in Tåsinge

Valdemars Slot

One of Christian IV's lavish palaces, Valdemars Slot was built for his son Valdemar Christian in 1644. Valdemar never actually lived here – he died on a Polish battlefield at age 34 – and the castle itself was badly…
Zoo in Odense

Odense Zoo

Denmark’s showpiece zoo borders both banks of the river, 2km south of the city centre. It's an active supporter of conservation and education programs, and its residents include tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras and c…
Historic Site in Southern Langeland


There are few better Danish examples of Cold War paranoia than unique Langelandsfort, built in 1952-53 to defend the western Baltic against the Russians. You can descend into various bunkers and command centres, boa…
Museum in Odense


This revamped city showcase is a model of good museum design (something the Danes excel at). In 'Funen – Centre of the Universe', you walk through a chronological display of world events and see how Funen experience…