Top Choice Cafe in Fanø

Rudbecks Ost & Deli

This fab family-run deli-cafe gives a great snapshot of island flavours: housemade bread, butter and ice cream, salmon smoked on Fanø, burgers made from local marsh-grazing lamb and beef. Grab picnic supplies (there…
Danish in Fanø

Sønderho Kro

Renowned throughout Denmark, delightful Sønderho Kro has an acclaimed gourmet restaurant, which showcases local and seasonal specialities in a steeped-in-time dining room. Bookings advised.
Deli in Fanø

Slagter Christiansen

The Nordby butcher, Slagter Christiansen, is known throughout Denmark for his Fanø skinke (Fanø ham), a ham in the style of Italian parma. The store is a delicatessen full of local gourmet produce.