Top things to do in Faaborg

Top Choice Danish in Faaborg

Falsled Kro

Book well ahead for a full-on gourmet experience, but with bigger portions and far warmer service than in so many upmarket places. Falsled Kro's cuisine focuses on prime, locally harvested ingredients cooked using F…
Museum in Faaborg

Faaborg Arrest

Faaborg's 12-cell former jail remained in service until 1989. Now it's a fascinating museum examining the changing justice system since the 18th century, with some very imaginative interactive exhibits mostly focuse…
Gallery in Faaborg

Faaborg Museum

In a tailor-made 1915 townhouse building with a flower-filled garden, this impressive gallery's 700-plus permanent collection focuses on the healthily realist, light-infused paintings of the early-20th-century pre-I…
Statue in Faaborg


Over a century after its unveiling in 1912, Kai Nielsen’s astonishing statue is still likely to raise eyebrows. Yes, that is indeed a naked man lying beneath a cow and sucking from its bronze udders. Well, not exact…
Tower in Faaborg


This 16th-century bell tower had been under construction as part of a new church when the Reformation swept through Denmark. The never-finished church building was demolished in 1550 but the tower survived, its roco…
Church in Faaborg

Horne Kirke

One of Funen's most unusual looking churches, complete with three spires and a whitewashed stepped tower, Horne Kirke is considered Denmark's only 'round' church outside Bornholm, though with major 15th-century addi…
Deli in Faaborg


Vegetarians beware: this farm estate's unique shop-cafe is all about top-quality meat, with a large window through which you can often watch a carcass being butchered as you dine. The cuts come from thoroughly loved…
Cafe in Faaborg

No 517 Falsled

If you're strolling through the pretty village of Falsled, this shop-cafe is a great place for house-roasted coffee, ground for you using 100-year-old machines. Also available are Icelandic beers, Greenlandic gin an…
Thai in Faaborg

Dangved Brønden

Enchanting lanterns, flickering flower-candles and glittering Buddhas add an inviting east-Asian twist to this historic main-square house, serenaded by mellow jazz. Follow silky smooth tom kha kai (chicken-coconut s…
Danish in Faaborg

Hotel Færgaarden

Hotel Færgaarden's unique feature is the smaller of its dining rooms with original 1919 cabinets, 1929 glass ceiling and a menu that comes with optional beer pairings, all from Funen's foremost local microbreweries.