Museum in Faaborg

Faaborg Arrest

Faaborg's 12-cell former jail remained in service until 1989. Now it's a fascinating museum examining the changing justice system since the 18th century, with some very imaginative interactive exhibits mostly focuse…
Gallery in Faaborg

Faaborg Museum

In a tailor-made 1915 townhouse building with a flower-filled garden, this impressive gallery's 700-plus permanent collection focuses on the healthily realist, light-infused paintings of the early-20th-century pre-I…
Statue in Faaborg


Over a century after its unveiling in 1912, Kai Nielsen’s astonishing statue is still likely to raise eyebrows. Yes, that is indeed a naked man lying beneath a cow and sucking from its bronze udders. Well, not exact…
Tower in Faaborg


This 16th-century bell tower had been under construction as part of a new church when the Reformation swept through Denmark. The never-finished church building was demolished in 1550 but the tower survived, its roco…
Church in Faaborg

Horne Kirke

One of Funen's most unusual looking churches, complete with three spires and a whitewashed stepped tower, Horne Kirke is considered Denmark's only 'round' church outside Bornholm, though with major 15th-century addi…
Historic Building in Faaborg

Den Gamle Gaard

Den Gamle Gaard is a beautiful 1720s timber-framed house arranged to show how a wealthy merchant lived in the early 19th century.
Historic Building in Faaborg


One of the most attractive glimpses of Vestergade's half-timbered houses is from where the street tunnels through this step-gabled brick gatehouse, which dates back to the 15th century.