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Getting Around


We can't stress enough that by far the best way to see Copenhagen is on foot. There are few main sights or shopping quarters more than a 20-minute walk from the city centre.

Tickets & Passes

Copenhagen's bus, metro, S-train and Harbour Bus network has an integrated ticket system based on seven geographical zones. Most of your travel within the city will be within two zones. Travel between the city and airport covers three zones.

  • The cheapest ticket (billet) covers two zones, offers unlimited transfers and is valid for one hour (adult/12 to 15 years 24/12kr). An adult with a valid ticket can take two children under the age of 12 free of charge.
  • If you plan on exploring sights outside the city, including Helsingør, the north coast of Zealand and Roskilde, you're better off buying a 24-hour ticket (all zones adult/12 to 15 years 150/75kr) or a seven-day FlexCard (all zones 620kr).
  • Alternatively, you can purchase a Rejsekort (www.rejsekort.dk), a touch-on, touch-off smart card valid for all zones and all public transport across Denmark. Available from the Rejsekort machines at metro stations, Central Station or the airport, the card costs 180kr (80kr for the card and 100kr in credit). To use, tap the Rejsekort against the dedicated sensors at train and metro stations or when boarding buses and commuter ferries, then tap off when exiting. Only tap off at the very end of your journey – if your journey involves a metro ride followed immediately by a bus ride, tap on at the metro station and again on the bus, but only tap off once you exit the bus.
  • The Copenhagen Card gives you unlimited public transport throughout the greater region of Copenhagen (including the airport). In addition, you get free entrance to over 80 attractions and museums as well as discounts on several restaurants, sights, rentals and more.
  • Another option is the City Pass (www.citypass.dk), which covers all bus, train, metro and Harbour Buses in zones 1 to 4 (adult 24/72 hours 80/200kr, children travel half-price). You can purchase the City Pass online and receive it as a text that can be used immediately.