Top choice tapas

in Bornholm

Artisanal charcuterie Hallegaard is a darling of Danish locavores, and many of Copenhagen’s top chefs procure their meats from this bucolic farmhouse, hidden away down a country lane 8km southwest of Svaneke. In all, Hallegaard produces around 30 types of charcuterie, some of which is smoked in traditional brick ovens.

In the case of its cold smoked ham (a Bornholm ‘prosciutto’ of sorts), the smoking takes four to six months, with the hams stored in former WWII bunkers located nearby.

Peckish? The farmhouse deli-cafe offers a tapas plate with a selection of its products (six small samples plus bread, cheese and cake). Pair it with a drop from Hallegaard's small-batch brewery and you have one of Bornholm's best feeds. You can also get a fine hot dog for 65kr.

Hallegaard is very well hidden, off the road between Østermarie and Svaneke – it's easiest to follow the 'Gårdbutik' (farm shop) sign off Svanekevej, at Lyrsbyvej just east of Østermarie. Keep in mind that opening times in the low season can vary, so check the website or call ahead.