Many Danes take their main work holiday during the first three weeks of July, but there are numerous other holidays as well.

Banks and most businesses close on public holidays and transport schedules are usually reduced.

New Year’s Day (Nytårsdag) 1 January

Maundy Thursday (Skærtorsdag) Thursday before Easter

Good Friday (Langfredag) Friday before Easter

Easter Day (Påskedag) Sunday in March or April

Easter Monday (2. påskedag) Day after Easter

Great Prayer Day (Store Bededag) Fourth Friday after Easter

Ascension Day (Kristi Himmelfartsdag) Sixth Thursday after Easter

Whitsunday (Pinsedag) Seventh Sunday after Easter

Whitmonday (2. pinsedag) Seventh Monday after Easter

Constitution Day (Grundlovsdag) 5 June

Christmas Eve (Juleaften) 24 December (from noon)

Christmas Day (Juledag) 25 December

Boxing Day (2. juledag) 26 December

New Year's Eve (Nytårsaften) 31 December (from noon)

School Holidays

In addition to the public holidays noted above, schools generally close as follows:

Winter holidays A week in February (week seven or eight)

Spring holidays A week around Easter time

Summer holidays Approximately six weeks, from the last Saturday in June to around 10 August

Autumn holidays A week in mid-October (week 42)

Christmas and New Year Two weeks