Tourist Information

Denmark is generally well served by helpful tourist offices and multilingual staff. Each town and region publishes a glossy annual brochure that covers most of the things travellers need to know, and has a website full of sights, accommodation options and practical info. Many now offer a downloadable app and have installed touchscreens around town (at train and bus stations, for example).

The trend in recent times is for information to be obtained online, with shorter staffed hours at tourist offices (though these offices may be open for self-service pick-up of brochures or use of a touchscreen). A few larger towns have done away with physical tourist offices.

Important websites for visitors to Denmark include and Other official websites covering local areas include the following:

Bornholm (

Copenhagen (

Funen (

East Jutland (,

North Jutland (,

West Jutland (,

Zealand (,