Top Choice Architecture in Aalborg

Utzon Center

An impressive 700-sq-metre design and architecture space, the Utzon Center, with its distinctive silver roofscape, sits pretty on the waterfront. It bills itself as ‘a dynamic and experimental centre of culture and …
Top Choice Museum in Copenhagen

Thorvaldsens Museum

What looks like a colourful Greco-Roman mausoleum is in fact a museum dedicated to the works of illustrious Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770–1844). Heavily influenced by mythology after four decades in Rome,…
Top Choice Museum in Around Gudhjem & Melsted

Bornholms Kunstmuseum

Occupying a svelte, modern building and overlooking sea, fields and (weather permitting) the distant isle of Christiansø, Bornholms Kunstmuseum echoes Copenhagen's Louisiana. The museum exhibits paintings by artists…
Top Choice Museum in Copenhagen

Davids Samling

Davids Samling is a wonderful curiosity of a gallery housing Scandinavia's largest collections of Islamic art, including jewellery, ceramics and silk, and exquisite works such as an Egyptian rock crystal jug from AD…
Top Choice Museum in Kolding


The Trapholt museum of modern art, applied art and furniture design is housed in an architectural wonder in Kolding's residential northeastern outskirts. There are a couple of classics from the Skagen artists, vibra…
Top Choice Church in Western Møn

Fanefjord Kirke

This 13th-century church is adorned with superb frescoes. The oldest, from 1350, depicts St Christopher carrying Christ across a ford, but most of the vaults are covered with a cartoon-like ‘paupers’ Bible’ by the ‘…
Top Choice Art Museum in Kerteminde

Johannes Larsen Museet

The vivid naturalistic paintings of wildlife and provincial Danish scenes that flowed from the brush of Johannes Larsen are on show in his former home north of town. Larsen (1867–1961) painted near obsessively from …
Top Choice Park in Silkeborg


Don’t miss a stroll through this picturesque riverside park – follow Åhavevej south to reach it. There’s a kiosk here, as well as minigolf, a marina and an open-air stage. If you’re on foot, it’s the desired route t…
Top Choice Waterfront in Svendborg


Don't miss Sejlskibsbroen, a jetty lined with splendidly preserved wooden sailing ships, and with an adjoining marina catering for the great number of yachts that sail local waters.
Top Choice Museum in Ribe

Ribe Kunstmuseum

An undeniable benefit of being the oldest town in the land is the opportunity to amass an impressive art collection. Ribe’s beautifully restored art museum has been able to acquire some of Denmark’s best works, incl…