Allinge-Sandvig attractions

Top Choice Ruins in Allinge-Sandvig

Hammershus Slotsruin

The impressive ruins of Hammershus Slot, dramatically perched on top of a cliff 74m above the sea, are the largest in Scandinavia. The castle was thought to have been built in the early 1300s, and a walk through the…
Nature Reserve in Allinge-Sandvig


Hammeren, the hammerhead-shaped crag of granite at the northern tip of Bornholm, is criss-crossed by walking trails leading through hillsides thick with purple heather. Some of the trails are inland, while others ru…
Church in Allinge-Sandvig

Olsker Rundkirke

Five kilometres south of central Allinge, on the southern outskirts of the small village of Olsker, is the highest (26m) and most slender of the island’s four round churches. If you take the inland bus 1 between Røn…
Museum in Allinge-Sandvig

Moseløkken Stenbrudsmuseum

Situated at the Moseløkken granite quarry, this small museum showcases the work of local stonemasons and sculptors, with occasional demonstrations of traditional rock-cutting techniques.