Ferry in Søby

Ærøfærgerne Ferries

Ærøfærgerne A/S runs year-round car ferries from Søby to Faaborg at least twice daily (10.15am and 3.15pm, one hour) and to Fynshav thrice daily (6.20am, 12.55pm and 6.10pm, 70 minutes).
Ferry in Ærøskøbing

Ferry to Svendborg

Car ferries to Svendborg (75 minutes) leave between 5.35am and 8.35pm departing at 35 minutes past most hours but with a gap every four hours.
Bicycle Rental in Søby

Søby Cykeludlejning

Combined with an ultra-basic camping ground (per person 25kr) and the local mini-golf course, this family outfit rents bicycles from a barn opposite the churchyard on Søby's main road.
Bicycle Hire in Ærøskøbing

Pilebækken Cycles

Operating within the antiquated little petrol station, this outfit has a mixed bag of over 60 bicycles (three and five gears) plus many more for kids.
Bus Stop in Ærøskøbing

Bus Stop

Services to Marstal and Søby pick up from this stop, opposite the tourist office.
Bicycle Rental in Marstal

Nørremarks Cykeludlejning

Bicycle rental within the little Thygesen Benzin petrol station near the western edge of town. Minimal English spoken.
Bicycle Hire in Marstal

Stean Møller

Handily located near the marina, this yachting supplies shop and sail-maker also rents a large selection of bicycles.
Bus Stop in Søby

Bus Stop

The free bus to Marstal via Ærøskøbing departs from a stop set back behind the ferry dock.
Bus Stop in Marstal

Bus 790 stop

The free bus to Søby via Ærøskøbing starts at the ferry harbour.