Ærø restaurants

International in Ærøskøbing

Café Aroma

Half of this terraced, harbour-area institution is given over to selling its delicious homemade ice cream (the apricot flavour is a particular delight). The other half is an informal cafe cosily plastered with film …
Deli in Ærøskøbing

Den Gamle Købmandsgaard

This picturesque outlet shop for local produce was originally set up by volunteers at a time when the old square seemed set to lose its last surviving shop. Now something of an attraction in itself, DGK sells fine l…
Danish in Marstal

Restaurant Fru Berg

Ideally placed at the port-side where tall-masted boats dock, this well-pitched restaurant has enviable terrace views and an inviting, clean-lined nautical interior. Particularly popular are variations on freshly-ca…
International in Marstal

Den Gamle Vingaard

Walls and ceilings dangling with pulleys, axes, bells and old lanterns add character to the pub-like interior here, while yard seating out the back is partly shaded by spreading vines. Pasta, pork fillet, lamb curry…
International in Ærøskøbing

Mumm Restaurant

With flickering candles, dark-painted beams and old-fashioned chairs, Mumm is a perennial favourite with relatively informal mini-wedding parties (Prosecco/Champagne per bottle 295/495kr). But it's warmly welcoming …
Pizza in Ærøskøbing

Ristorante Pizzeria Badehotel Harmonien

Italian-owned and -run, the restaurant of the Badehotel has lots of character, with views to the waterfront and plenty of alfresco seating.
Bakery in Ærøskøbing

HE Hansen Bageri

Beneath a retro 1950s sign, this top-quality bakery sells not just bread but a range of droolsome cakes (try the strawberry meringue pie) plus six varieties of local beer (27kr). Takeaway only.
Seafood in Ærøskøbing

Ærøskøbing Røgeri

Beside the harbour, this fishmonger-smokehouse serves inexpensive fried- and smoked-fish plates and sandwiches, washed down with plastic cups full of locally brewed Ærø beer (30kr).
Supermarket in Marstal

Super Brugsen

Supermarket at the northern end of the main shopping street, incorporating the post office.
Supermarket in Ærøskøbing


Supermarket near the harbour.