Cycling is a perfect way to enjoy Ærø, and is in keeping with the island's spirit of promoting sustainable energy sources. Bike rental is available in the three main towns and well-signposted cycle routes create a 60km circuit:

  • Route 90: Ærøskøbing to Søby (17.5km)
  • Route 91: Søby to Marstal (31.5km)
  • Route 92: Marstal to Ærøskøbing (10.5km)

Ærø’s tourist offices sell an inexpensive English-language cycling map of the island (20kr), listing sights along the way.

Bike Erria is a useful company that promotes bicycle tourism on the island and can help you plan a cycle-tour itinerary (one day or longer) – delivering bikes to you, delivering your bags to your accommodation, etc.


The free local Jesper bus ( runs the length of the island from Søby to Marstal (50 minutes) via Ærøskøbing (25 minutes) departing essentially hourly on the hour in each direction, but with a few gaps at weekends. After 9am you can take bikes on the bus.