Aarhus in detail

Flights & getting there

The best website for planning travel is www.rejseplanen.dk.


Aarhus Airport

Aarhus Airport, also known as Tirstrup Airport, is 45km northeast of the city.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has frequent daily flights to/from Copenhagen; Sun-Air (affiliated with British Airways) operates direct connections to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo. Ryanair has daily connections to/from London (Stansted) while EasyJet operates a number of flights weekly to/from Berlin (Tegel).

Transport Options

A bus service (route 925X) connects Aarhus with the airport at Tirstrup (115kr, 50 minutes). Buses depart from outside the train station and the changeable schedule is geared to meet all incoming and outgoing flights. See www.midttrafik.dk for more.

A taxi between the airport and Aarhus centre will set you back a hefty 650kr.

Billund Airport

Billund Airport, 95km southwest of Aarhus, is a larger hub, with more connections than Aarhus Airport.

Transport Options

A bus service (route 912X) connects Aarhus with the larger airport at Billund (160kr, 1½ hours). Buses depart from the Aarhus bus station, and stop on Banegårdspladsen (outside the train station).

Another option: take a train to Vejle, from where there are plenty of buses to Billund's airport. This usually takes the same time as the direct airport bus.


Mols-Linien Operates high-speed ferries between Aarhus and Odden in north Zealand (standard one-way fare adult/car 359/699kr, 1¼ hours), with multiple sailings daily. Rates for car passage include passengers; low-price options available online.


Regional and long-distance buses stop at Aarhus bus station, 300m northeast of the train station. From Aarhus you can reach most Jutland towns of note on the blue X-bus network – information is available from operator Midttrafik. There is an info desk at the bus station (staffed from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday).

The following services arrive at and depart from Aarhus bus station. Fare discounts available online.

Flixbus (www.flixbus.dk) Express bus line 888 runs frequent services daily between Aarhus and Copenhagen (from 99kr, 3¾ to 4½ hours), stopping at the capital's train station, bus station or airport.

Kombardo Expressen (www.kombardoexpressen.dk) Runs frequent buses daily between Aarhus and Copenhagen (99kr to 299kr, 3½ hours) travelling via the ferry between Aarhus and Odden (rather than driving through Funen).

Car & Motorcycle

The main highways to Aarhus are the E45 from the north and south and Rte 15 from the west. The E45 doesn’t make it into the city itself – take exits 46 to 50.


Inside the hovedbanegård (train station) you’ll find the ticket office with its orderly ticket-queuing system: red for domestic journeys, green for international. For domestic journeys, skip the queues by using one of the ticket machines (instructions available in English; credit cards accepted) or purchasing online (www.rejseplanen.dk). It’s best to reserve a seat (35kr) for long journeys.

Trains to Copenhagen (one way 388kr, three to 3½ hours), via Odense (246kr, 1½ hours), leave Aarhus roughly half-hourly.

Other frequent services include:

  • Aalborg (186kr, 2 hours)
  • Silkeborg (86kr, 45 minutes)