Aarhus has excellent options for live music, from pubs to concert halls and club venues. Look out for the city's summertime festivals – NorthSide has a growing reputation, while the Aarhus Festival is a city-wide excuse to party.

There are also theatre and dance venues, and a beloved art-house cinema.

Live Music

Aarhus has, arguably, the country's best music scene, plus a growing number of excellent music festivals take place here.

Aside from the diverse offerings of Musikhuset Aarhus and the live-music events of club venues such as Train, it’s not hard to track down music being played in more intimate venues. Look for summertime outdoor concerts too, at venues such as Tivoli Friheden amusement park.

Websites for the venues may be in Danish, but the events calendars are easy enough to follow.


Cinema tickets cost from 70kr to 100kr – it’s cheaper to see a daytime session.