Aarhus in detail


The shopping is excellent in Aarhus, but you may be surprised by the limited opening hours. Many smaller stores don't trade on weekends, aside from a few hours on Saturday (supermarkets open as usual). Sunday trading is usually permitted on the first Sunday of the month. Be sure to ask about paperwork for VAT refunds.

Where to Shop

Good shopping areas:

  • Søndergade This 850m-long pedestrian street (known as Ryesgade at its starting point opposite the train station) is home to mainstream shopping and chain stores. The strip is also referred to as Strøget.
  • Latin Quarter A cobblestone, largely pedestrianised area offering cool fashion and design boutiques. Check out Badstuegade, Volden and west along Vestergade.
  • Frederiksbjerg This neighbourhood has boutiques and eclectic finds, including some retro stores and artisan studios.