Aarhus attractions

Top Choice Museum in Aarhus

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Inside the cubist, red-brick walls of Aarhus’ showpiece art museum are nine floors of sweeping curves, soaring spaces and white walls showcasing a wonderful selection of Golden Age works, Danish modernism and an abu…
Top Choice Museum in Aarhus

Den Gamle By

The Danes’ seemingly limitless enthusiasm for dressing up and re-creating history reaches its zenith at Den Gamle By. It’s an engaging, picturesque open-air museum of over 70 half-timbered houses brought here from a…
Top Choice Museum in Aarhus

Moesgaard Museum

Don't miss the reinvented Moesgaard Museum, 10km south of the city, housed in a spectacularly designed, award-winning modern space. The star attraction is the 2000-year-old Grauballe Man, whose astonishingly well-pr…
Top Choice Cultural Centre in Aarhus


Opened in 2015 as part of Aarhus' large-scale waterfront regeneration, Dokk1 is the kind of public space Danes excel at, and houses Scandinavia's largest library. It's a great building, home to countless reading noo…
Church in Aarhus

Aarhus Domkirke

With a lofty nave spanning nearly 100m in length, Aarhus Domkirke is Denmark’s longest church. The original Romanesque chapel at the eastern end dates from the 12th century, while most of the rest of the church is 1…
Street in Aarhus


While you’re exploring the old part of town, be sure to wander along idyllic Møllestien, easily Aarhus’ prettiest street – all cobblestones, pastel-coloured cottages and climbing roses.
Area in Aarhus


The Moesgård area, 10km south of the city centre, is a must for the Moesgaard Museum, but the area's natural attractions warrant investigation, too. An enjoyable walking trail, dubbed the ‘Prehistoric Trackway’ (Old…
Church in Aarhus

Vor Frue Kirke

Set back from Vestergade, the Church of Our Lady is like a Russian matryoshka (nesting doll), opening to reveal multiple layers. It was here that the original Aarhus cathedral was erected shortly after 1060. That ca…
Amusement Park in Aarhus

Tivoli Friheden

Neither as big nor as fabulous as Copenhagen’s major drawcard, Aarhus’ Tivoli is still a fun, wholesome family attraction, full of childhood favourites (dodgem cars and a Ferris wheel) as well as newer, faster rides…
Architecture in Aarhus

Aarhus Rådhus

Aarhus’ controversial town hall was co-designed by renowned architect Arne Jacobsen, a pioneer of Danish modernism, and completed in 1942. It’s clad in Norwegian marble and has a distinctive grey appearance. Jacobse…