Pub in Aalborg

Irish House

It’s almost too beautiful a setting in which to get sloshed. Inside a 17th-century building loaded with timber carvings and stained glass, this cheerful pub offers live music Thursday to Saturday, big-screen sports,…
Pub in Aalborg


Beer-lovers' heaven, this surprising slice of the UK in deepest Jutland is dedicated to cask ale and serves up to 70 different British, Belgian, Danish, Irish and German beers the length of its capacious bar. Pub fo…
Microbrewery in Aalborg

Søgaards Bryghus

Every Danish town worth its salt has a microbrewery, and Aalborg’s is a cracker. With loads of outdoor seating and a long meaty menu of beer accompaniments, you could easily lose an afternoon sampling Søgaard's impr…