Top Choice Architecture in Aalborg

Utzon Center

An impressive 700-sq-metre design and architecture space, the Utzon Center, with its distinctive silver roofscape, sits pretty on the waterfront. It bills itself as ‘a dynamic and experimental centre of culture and …
Top Choice Landmark in Aalborg


The Aalborg waterfront promenade, extending east from Limfjordsbroen, is a good example of urban regeneration, taking what was a scruffy dockside area and opening it up to locals. Here you’ll find restaurants, a par…
Museum in Aalborg

Aalborg Historiske Museum

Just west of Budolfi Domkirke is the town's history museum, with artefacts from prehistory to the present, and furnishings and interiors that hint at the wealth Aalborg’s merchants enjoyed during the Renaissance.
Viking Site in Aalborg

Lindholm Høje

The Limfjord was a kind of Viking motorway providing easy, speedy access to the Atlantic for longboat raiding parties. It’s not surprising, then, that the most important piece of Aalborg’s historical heritage is a p…
Castle in Aalborg

Aalborghus Slot

An anachronism among all this new waterfront development, the mid-16th-century, half-timbered Aalborghus Slot is more an administrative office than a castle, but there’s a small dungeon you can visit.
Church in Aalborg

Budolfi Domkirke

This 12th-century cathedral marks the centre of the old town and its elegant carillon can be heard every hour, on the hour. Its whitewashed interior creates an almost Mediterranean ambience.As you enter the cathedra…
Monastery in Aalborg


An alley off Algade leads to the rambling Monastery of the Holy Ghost, which dates from 1431 and is home to some fascinating frescoes. The interior can only be visited on a guided tour.
Museum in Aalborg

Lindholm Høje Museet

This museum adjoins the Lindholm Høje Viking burial site and explains its history, and has displays on archaeological finds made during its excavation. Murals behind the exhibits speculate on how the people of Lindh…
Cultural Centre in Aalborg


Once a power station, this cultural centre is home to a theatre, concert venue, art-house cinema, gallery, fitness centre, plus a couple of eateries. The small tourist office is also here, so it’s worth popping in t…
Museum in Aalborg

Gråbrødrekloster Museet

This underground museum allows you to step off one of Aalborg’s busiest shopping streets to explore the life of a Franciscan friary in medieval times. Entry is via an elevator outside Salling department store on Alg…