Kinshasa in detail

Getting Around

Kinshasa is a traffic-clogged nightmare and traffic can be horrendous, particularly at rush hour. While it's just about doable to get around Gombe on foot, realistically you'll need to take a lot of taxis or just hire a driver.


Minibuses cost CDF400 and are always crowded. They're also dangerous and robberies are frequent, so for this reason most visitors stick to taxis.

Car & Motorcycle

Several car-hire agencies, including Avis and Car Station, have vehicles with obligatory drivers from US$85 a day. 4WDs start from US$165 and SUVs at US$200. Day-charter taxis are also an option.


Taxis in Kinshasa are not particularly safe – robberies do happen, though as a traveller you'll have little choice but to take them. However, getting a taxi is no problem, as they're everywhere. Though few taxis have the blue-and-yellow paint job, it's easy to tell which vehicles are taking passengers. Drivers charge around CDF500 for a journey across the city centre, but at this price the driver will stop and pick up other passengers heading in the same way.

To charter a taxi, ask the driver for an 'express' after stating your destination and negotiate the price before getting in. Express prices start at CDF3000 for one medium-length journey within the city centre. Chartering a taxi for the day costs around US$75 to US$100.