Znojmo attractions

Tunnel in Znojmo

Znojmo Underground

Znojmo's labyrinth of underground corridors below the old town is one of the most extensive in Central Europe, snaking around for some 27km. Two types of guided tours are offered: the 'classic' tour is designed for …
Castle in Znojmo

Znojmo Castle

Znojmo has traditionally occupied a strategic position on the border between Austria and Moravia, and there’s been a fortress here since the 11th century. The castle has served as a residence for Moravian nobles, a …
Church in Znojmo

Rotunda of Our Lady & St Catherine

This 11th-century church is one of the republic's oldest Romanesque structures and contains a beautiful series of 12th-century frescoes depicting the life of Christ. Because of the sensitive nature of the frescoes, …
Tower in Znojmo

Town Hall Tower

The handsome and scaleable 66m tower on Znojmo’s Town Hall is one of Moravia's best examples of late Gothic architecture (c 1448).
Church in Znojmo

Church of St Nicholas

This beautiful 13th-century church was originally Romanesque and was rebuilt in Gothic style. Towards the front on the right-hand side is the 'Bread Madonna' chapel. According to legend, during the Thirty Years' War…