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Taxis in Prague are an easy and relatively affordable way to get around town, though scams are an ever-present risk.

  • The official rate for licensed cabs is 40Kč flag fall plus 28Kč per kilometre and 6Kč per minute while waiting.
  • Any trip within the city centre should cost no more than 200Kč. A trip to the suburbs, depending on the distance, should cost 200Kč to 300Kč, and to the airport between 400Kč and 600Kč.
  • When flagging a cab, look for a cab with its yellow roof lamp lit and raise your hand. Establish your destination and a likely fare before getting in, and make sure the meter is switched on.
  • Alternatively, call or ask someone to call a radio taxi, as they’re better regulated and more responsible.
  • Companies with honest drivers, 24-hour service and English-speaking operators include AAA Radio Taxi, ProfiTaxi and City Taxi.
  • Liftago (www.liftago.com) is a reliable, locally owned ride-share service, where you download an app to your smartphone for ordering and paying for rides.