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Several parts of Prague have marked bike lanes (look for yellow bike-path signs). Still, with its cobblestones, tram tracks and multitudes of pedestrians, Prague has a long way to go to catch up with far-more-bike-friendly cities such as Vienna or Amsterdam.

  • Nearly everyone wears a helmet, and this is always a good idea.
  • The black market for stolen bikes is thriving, so don't leave bikes unattended for longer than a few minutes and always use a sturdy lock.
  • Cycling is prohibited in pedestrian zones such as on Charles Bridge and in part of the city centre. Technically you could be fined up to 1000Kč, but more often than not, the police will simply tell you to dismount.
  • Bikes are transported free of charge on the metro, but cyclists are required to obey certain rules. Bikes can only ride near the last door of the rear carriage, and only two bikes are allowed per train. Bikes are not permitted if the carriage is full, or if there’s already a pram in the carriage.

Bicycle Hire

Several companies rent bikes and provide guided cycling tours:

AVE Bicycle Tours

Biko Adventures Prague

City Bike

Praha Bike